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Special Cuts provides customized in-home hair cutting and grooming services fit for those who are sensitive to noise and touch, wheelchair bound, elderly, or simply in need of the convenience. 

Audrey Licensed Cosmetologist

Why Special Cuts?


After obtaining my cosmetology license, I realized that my passion went far beyond just doing hair; I wanted to really help people and make a difference in this world. Individuals with special needs have had a special place in my heart for as long as I can remember. I have had numerous caregiving jobs as well as positions assisting both children and adults with disabilities.


The idea of “Special Cuts” came to me at a time when I was employed as a patient care tech at Rochester General Hospital. In addition to symptoms of illness, many of the patients I spent time with felt poorly about themselves because of the things most of us tend to take for granted; such as not being able to wear their own clothes, or maintain their personal appearance. It can be so discouraging when one loses the ability to style or manage their overgrown hair as a result of an extended hospital stay. 

Along the way, many parents of young children with special needs have shared stories of the struggles that they face bringing a sensory-challenged child into a mainstream salon or barbershop where the noise, smells, and chaos tend to be quite overwhelming. After having multiple conversations with parents, teachers and caregivers, I recognized the tremendous need for a specialized service designed for those who are sensitive to noise and/or touch.


These conversations with parents and patients inspired me to combine my cosmetology skills with my passion for supporting people in need. Since then, I have developed a haircutting service that caters to the unique needs and sensitivities of both children and adults with special needs as well as those who are homebound or subject to extended stays in hospitals and/or rehab facilities. 

I firmly believe in the power of creating an environment where every person is accepted and treated with tender care and respect despite their circumstances. I have made it my personal goal to meet the individual needs of each client with patience, kindness and compassion.

The relationships that I create with my clients mean the absolute world to me and fuel my intention to live this life full of passion and fulfillment.  Not everyone is lucky enough to have their passion be their work, but I feel truly blessed to be able to do something that I love and that fills me with joy.


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Woman’s Cut + Style - $35
Men’s Cut - $25 

Kid’s Cut - $25 

Beard Trim - $5 

Face Shave - $10 

Special Occasion Style - $40

Manicure - $25

Makeup Application - $30

Special Cuts

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